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Our Activities 1


An unfading hope for abandoned and orphaned infants and children

Situated in the sylvan surroundings in the outskirts of Chennai. Balagurukulam is a home for abandoned and orphaned children. Balagurukulam has been started with the primary aim of providing the abandoned children with adequate shelter, food, medical facilities, and education to help them to stand on their own feet and to serve the society. Balagurukulam provides utmost care in bringing them up as independent, responsible and respectable citizens of the country. It presently provides home to 50 children, with every child getting a mother, brothers and sisters to look after them. That’s not all! Children at Balagurukulam also undergo yoga, meditation, silambam, music classes and regular health checkups to keep them fit, strong and healthy.

Our Activities 2


Education centers in child labor rampant areas

The aim of Children’s village program is to provide personalised care and education to the children who have been previously denied education due to poverty. Under this program, free education centres have been established in child labour rampant areas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The purpose of these centres is two-fold as described below.

  1. Long term care and guidance for children rescued from child labour
  2. Provide alternative means of education who those who are still denied day schooling due to poverty.

Currently more than 1500 children are enrolled in the Balagurukulam education centres. All the children enrolled the education centres are below the poverty line.

Living conditions of the children enrolled: The villages identified for establishing the education centres are known dry and arid conditions where little or no agriculture is practiced. The villagers go for seasonal jobs and work in the factories established in the surroundings. Most of our education centres are situated in the areas where matchbox and fireworks industry are thriving. The children are sent for paid work in such factories.

By inspection and by local surveys, it has been understood that the facilities at the schools (only Government schools function in the villages) are inadequate and even electricity is unaffordable by many families.

The poor living conditions and lack of good educational facilities make the parents to resort to child labour. To alleviate this problem, Balagurukulam Charitable Trust has established education centres in such areas.

Geographical locations: Villages of Tamil Nadu (Tuticorin, Ramanathapuram and Virudhunagar districts)

Number of centres: 25

Our Activities 3


Sponsoring education needs of a child

Activities: This project is focused at poor children who are already enrolled in an education institution, and children who require support to pursue education. The aim of “Aid a Child” programme is to support the education of the needy children by providing them the required aids. The form of support includes payment of tuition fee, provision stationery items and textbooks and donation of books to library etc. This is a simple but high impact project that connected thousands of needy children with their donors.

How do we identify needy children? Volunteers of this project work in field to identify the needy children. This is done by regular visits to Government schools, by conversing with local people and by understanding the educational needs of children during village visits. Also the aim of the project is spread across by means of pamphlets, brochures and also by word of mouth. This brings together potential donors as well as children in need. Funds are also allocated by the trust towards this project.

Total beneficiaries count: more than 7500

Location: Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh