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Our Origin




The origin of Balagurukulam Charitable Trust is closely tied with the extraordinary journey of its founder and the managing trustee, Mr. Ranjith. Since his childhood, Mr. Ranjith has felt strong compassion for the poor, needy and deprived. The devastation caused by numerous droughts, floods and cyclones, and the sufferings of the poor people raised numerous questions the mind of our founder in his childhood. The passion has been so strong that undertook his extra ordinary lone journey of 1800 miles from Tamil Nadu to Himalayas on foot.

Walking for over a year, crossing thousands of villages and hundreds of rivers and meeting millions of people who are still to be introduced to the modern world, he understood that the soul of India is still untouched by corruption and that Mother India holds her ideals high. His journey has given him insight not only into the heart of India but also to the path to revive the nation which holds immeasurable treasures to the humanity.

On return from Himalayas, Mr.Ranjith along with his good friends started the Balagurukulam Charitable Trust with the vision of serving the poor and helping people to realize their identity.